Bronze bushings, bronze bearings and bronze continuous cast bars are manufactured by Beckett Bronze Co., Inc. in Muncie, Indiana. Our foundry provides our customers with the highest quality bronze bars and tubes.

We are a long time certified supplier to original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) in the hydraulic, pump, diesel engine and compressor industries. We specialize in precision-machined bronze parts such as valve guides, hydraulic packing glands, thrust washers, seal rings, power transmission parts, sleeves and gear blanks.

Continuous cast bar stock and finished parts materials commonly include: C93200 (SAE660), C93700 (SAE64), C95400 (Aluminum Bronze), C86300 (Manganese Bronze), C90300 "G", C90500 "Gun Metal", C91600 & C91700 "Gear Bronze", C83600 "Red Brass". We are particularly competitive on special shapes and special alloys both in producing cast bronze parts or continuous cast bars and tubes.

Our ISO 9001:2008 certified company guarantees the quality of our products. We would appreciate being allowed to quote on your custom bronze bushings, bearings, and special parts or bar stock.